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About us
How did we get here

Replicåh and Dave the Samurai are hyper creative people. 

In Lockdown they realized that there is a need for

DJ's in their community.

Since no parties took place. So they started a live stream where everyone could party at home.

Replicåh has been composing, writing and producing her own music since she was a teenager, Dave is a multi instrumentalist as well.

So it seems not surprising that they started to mix music. 

In the underground techno and Burning Man scene in Switzerland they are now making a name for themselves.

Even if they are still newcomers as DJ's. 

Their music moves between tech house, electronic, deep house and techno. mystical, heavy and yet also extremely energy loaded.


Their fans on soundcloud call it:

When rainbow meets fire with humor. Humor? Because their mashups also show great humor. The selection of tracks is legendary. 

When the Burning Man takes place again, they will be there. That's a promise. 

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